Scotland is God’s own country in true sense. Amazing glacial glens(valleys), hundreds of beautiful lochs, big skies, lonely landscapes and romantic islands – Every bit of the land is serene and appealing. The country’s rich history is so interesting that it inspired many plots of the beloved Game of Thrones series!

Go to Scotland for their enchanting highlands, alluring castles, lonely islands, and superb sea food. Cities here are famed for vibrant cultural scenes and are full of life and history. Scot spirit runs high everywhere and the people are highly hospitable, warm and friendly. This is definitely a country like none other with unique terrain and rich history. I’m sure you would agree with once you experience it for yourself.

Top things to know:

  • Capital – Edinburgh; Largest City – Glassgow
  • Language – English (99%), Scots & Scot Gaelic are the other native languages
  • Currency – Pound sterling (GBP)
  • Visa – Check this link to know the visa requirements

  • Main Regions – Highlands & Islands; inner & outer Hebrides; Central Scotland; The borders; Southern Scotland
  • Must Visit Cities – Edinburgh; Glassgow; Aberdeenshire; Perthshire
  • Power Plug – Plug G (230volts; 50HZ frequency)
  • Why should you visit Scotland?

To soak yourself in the Land of incredible natural beauty. 

To walk over the edge of the breath taking cliffs.

To live in a castle that you fancied since childhood

To hike amazing glens. Perfect place for your hiking adventure. 

To lose yourself wandering the charming little towns.

To go on one of the world’s most beautiful road trips in Isle of Skye

To kayak in a lonely romantic island

To live through the Harry Potter journey

To enjoy the vibrant cultural festivals and Highland games

How safe is Scotland?

Scotland is very safe. People are very hospitable and helpful. You can approach them for directions or any info, they are happy to help and even chat and advise on your itinerary. There is nothing to fear about.


Bus, Trams, Taxis and Uber are available in major cities. ScotRail is well connected between the cities and are convenient. You definitely would require to drive yourself in the country to get to remote highlands/islands or the borders, the core draw of the country.

Is it easy to drive around in Scotland?

There are many reliable car rental companies located conveniently near airport and main train stations. Make sure, you get the PIN number for the GPS as you may not find names of many places on the device specially, when you are driving in remote places in highlands/borders.

Another thing to note is that you may run into trouble while driving within the city limits as the device do not avoid the dedicated tram/bus lanes. Suggest you to use the Google maps instead while in cities.

Cities Visited in Scotland

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